iLikeIT2 is progressing, if not exactly on time, in a timely manner. The consortium is currently working in three different areas; analyzing and testing collaborative tools out there already, investigating the best ways of online collaboration that might be utilized for our own development in the future and off-course working on the development of the actual prototype of our new innovative tool iLikeIT2. All of these parts are equally important when doing an Erasmus-project; we always need to be up to date on the latest developments in order to understand what needs to be done, and we definitely need to anchor our own development in theory and best practices. A vital part of this work is to disseminate or our work.

Dissemination gives an excellent opportunity to meet new and interesting people, it provides the community with the opportunity of providing feedback and therefore dissemination creates new possible horizons for every partnership.

iLikeIT2 has produced a paper and a presentation for the conference EduLearn2021 to be held in Spain July 2021. Unfortunately, due to the pandemic, we are not allowed to travel to Spain, meaning that the conference will be online this year also. This creates both problems and opportunities for the project. It is always useful to meet people, get to know them, have a chat, enjoy some spare-time; this is the essence of being a social human being. On the other hand it gives us the opportunity to prepare materials that can be used for promoting the project. Therefore you can find both the paper and the presentation of this on our website. Hopefully this is useful for you as followers, and allows you to get new ideas on your own approaches to software development.

iLikeIT2 has also applied for being present with a demonstration of the first version of the software at Online Educa Berlin 2021 in December 2021. If you are not occupied already, this is an excellent conference to attend if you are in to Educational Technology. And hey, Corona bites all over, hopefully the voice is only injured due to a summer flu, but the test done today will let me know. Enjoy your weekend and summer all over Europe.