IO 1

Collaborative tools

The projects first output consist of three different elements: 1) Desktop research on fifty existing educational tools for collaborative work, 2) pilot testing of eight functionalities identified in the tools and 3) recommendations for best practices when using educational tools for collaborative work in a learning environment.

The final deliverable is a manual in the form of a report, reporting on findings from alle three sub-sections and recommending practices.

Download IO1 in pdf format


IO 2

Methodological guidelines for response technology

The projects second output will be a pedagogical strategy for implementing educational tools in a collaborative learning environment. The strategy will focus on response technology, and consider both different modes of delivery (f2f/online/blended) and different levels of the educational systems. In order to deliver a full strategy, the project implements both desktop research and instructor trainings with collection of data. Included in the strategy there will be cases developed for different levels of the educational system.

The final deliverable is a full pedagogical strategy for implementing educational technology in learning environments.

IO 3


The project will develop a software based on the programme Jitsi, which is an open source platform. The software will include functionality for voting, interacting and collaborating in groups, allowing easy access to the instructor and the other groups results. The software will be developed in close cooperation with both programmers, instructors and students, and undergo two pilot phasese before finalized.

The final deliverable will be a functioning prototype of a response tool for group work.

IO 4

Methodological guidelines for collaborative work in class

The last output in the project will be methodological guidelines for beneficial use of the iLikeIT2-software in any learning environment. The methodology will be universal, and tested through pilots both with and without the software being developed by the project.

The final deliverable will be a manual with the methodological approach, explained, visualized and also show-cased via small, instructional videos.